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By March 17, 2022Blog

Construction Loan Management to Help You Build a Better Bank

Years ago, lenders used spreadsheets and manually entered calculations in order to keep up with the complex and tedious details of each and every construction loan they managed. It could take days to receive inspection details and approve draw requests. Fast forward to today, where bankers have custom reports at their fingertips and inspections can submit details from the construction site.

We created BankLabs Construct to streamline the construction loan management process, so bankers could spend less time on spreadsheets and get back to serving their communities. With automated draw exports, budget calculations, and inspections, bankers are adding days of interest income back to each draw. At the same time, bankers are seeing a stronger relationship with borrowers, builders, and other stakeholders that appreciate having an efficient, easy digital solution to work with.

Construction Loan Management Process: How To Modernize and Streamline

The days of waiting a week for draw approvals and inspections are gone. Banks are now using construction loan management software like Construct to streamline their draw approval process. Our digital workflow accelerates draw cycle times, providing approvals days after than the manual process and can increase draw interest by 8-12%. 

Automated inspections also accelerate the draw approval process by instantly providing bankers with the information they need to fund a draw request quickly. This can add additional days of interest income to every draw. These features, combined with digital notifications, are helping over 150 banks streamline and modernize their construction loan management process today.

Manage Your Construction Loans Effectively


The amount of manual data entry needed to manage a construction loan portfolio can be daunting, not to mention ineffective. Without constant analysis, problems can arise within a spreadsheet without an admin noticing. Construct uses budget and loan data imports to reduce the amount of time needed to enter data into the system. The ability to upload loan data into BankLabs Construct eliminates the need to manually re-enter information and reduces the risk of human error.

Our automatic budget calculations feature automatically calculates remaining budgets based on draws, further reducing the risk of human error and allows bankers to spend less time doing manual calculations. 

Construction Loan Management Benefits

Construction lending is a significant portion of many financial institutions’ portfolio. Construction loan management tool benefits include:

– Maximizing ROI by taking days off of your turn-around time.

– Mitigating risk by providing detailed audit trails and real time alerts. Spreadsheets can’t alert you when a loan is overfunded.

– Improving the experience with borrowers, builders, and other stakeholders by offering an easy-to-use mobile solution.

Construction Loan Management Reports

One of the best features of a construction loan management tool is that it provides a detailed audit trail for each property and real-time reporting for an institution’s construction loan portfolio. This allows for efficient and informed oversight from an executive level. One of the most popular features of Construct is our custom reporting feature. At the click of a button, this automated feature provides a real-time look at a bank’s construction portfolio, decreasing risk and helping institutions make faster business decisions. 

Mitigate Risk and Optimize Construction Lending

Construction lending, traditionally a high-risk industry, is ripe for change and digital transformation. Our tool maximizes risk mitigation for our clients. In fact, auditors love us! Construct helps reduce risk by providing a detailed audit trail and real time alerts to users. You have 24/7 access to loan monitoring on any mobile device.

Construct – Leading Construction Loan Management Software

Struggling to manage your construction loans? We’ve got a solution! Construct is the industry-leading Construction Loan Management Software, providing construction lenders and contractors with a streamlined system allowing them to manage their loans and projects. With a suite of tools, Construct helps you minimize risk while making the most of opportunities.

The construction industry is one of the most profitable industries in the US and it’s only getting bigger. Unfortunately, it can be time-consuming and manual for lenders, especially as a financial institution grows. Construct solves this by automating the workflow, providing real-time analytics, and helping avoid costly mistakes.