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Participations Made Easy

BankLabs is revolutionizing the traditionally slow participation process with Participate, the first end-to-end participation loan management tool for both originators and participants.

Participate is a single platform to manage all loan participations, existing or new, bought or sold. It allows originators and participants to digitize and share loan info, documents, and automate workflow.

Whether its large loans or smaller ones, done with existing partners or new, Participate can cut weeks off the traditionally slow origination process, giving your bank the additional liquidity and flexibility needed to maximize profits.

Save time and lower expenses

Looking to find the right participant partners? Participate eliminates the need for phone calls and back and forth emails. Just choose who you want to partner with and let Participate do the rest, including electronic NDA’s and non-compete agreements.

Once the agreements are in place, the document repository gives originators and participants easy access to documents and underwriting information, eliminating the need for overnight packages, couriers and drop boxes.

From origination through closing, Participate’s digital workflow includes notifications, electronic document exchange and e-signature, keeping everyone updated and taking weeks off an otherwise cumbersome process.

Back Office Management

Once loans are closed, Participate records the transaction history for each loan, along with the pro-rata share for each party. It also notifies each participant when funds are requested or disbursed, keeping everyone on the same page in terms of dates, amounts and interest accruals.

The document repository has built in reminders for when documents need to be updated, and automatic notifications to downstream participants when new documents are added.

Custom reports are easy to build and can be created by loan type, bought vs sold, maturity date, interest rate, etc., all exportable to excel.

Both New and Existing Trading Partners

Work with your existing trading partners or connect with new ones via the Participate Network of high quality banks. You control who has access to each of your participations.

Fine tune your balance sheet

Whether it’s originating new loans or participating out existing ones, Participate streamlines the process so deals are faster and easier to do, allowing for more liquidity and flexibility when it comes to managing your balance sheet.

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Features That Move You Forward


No more paper files, email attachments or FedEx/UPS. 100% digital documents, workflow, and e-signature


Track funding and payments for all downstream participants


One tool for all participation types, including SBA and CRA


Save time and reduce attorney fees


Allows smaller deals to be more profitable


Automated payment to participating lenders with transaction history

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