Dallas Innovates: Startup Helps ‘Level the Playing Field’ for Community Banks

By July 10, 2017Article, Insights

A startup that provides innovative technology to community banks is revolutionizing the process for making construction loans while also arming the institutions with another weapon against their biggest competitors — FinTechs and large multinational banks.

BankLabs, which is equally based in Dallas and Little Rock, was formed as part of Radius Group, a Little Rock, Arkansas holding company, in January 2016. It immediately hit the market with Construct, it’s appropriately named product that enables banks to automate the construction loan process.

BankLabs describes the current procedure used by most banks as a “noisy process” involving spreadsheets, paper files, and emails, creating “unnecessary delays and wasted opportunities to increase profit and enhance customer relationships.” By switching to the Construct app, BankLabs President Matt Johnner of Dallas said banks can improve efficiency by 50 percent.

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